5 Reasons to Choose Granite
Kitchen styles and designs change over the years. Trends come and go. Today's builders are embracing eco-friendly materials that provide natural beauty and durability in homes. One of these materials is the use of granite. Granite is a natural stone that is created as a result of volcanic activity plus years of compression and heat below the earth's surface. If the sheer beauty and durability alone are not reasons enough to choose this natural stone, we have put together a list of five reasons that granite is a great choice.

1. Durability:
Granite is the second strongest material on earth (second only to diamonds). Granite holds up to extreme heats, resists staining and scratching, and keeps it's shine. It's durability will last more than a lifetime. Not only will it's beauty remain, you will not have to spend money over the years in counter top replacement.

2. Natural Beauty:
Granite has natural beauty. It comes in thousands of shades, colors, and patterns. Because the shades, colors, and patterns are created by nature, no two pieces of granite are the same. Granite is composed of feldspar, quartz, and mica but it is the underlying components such as muscovite, biotite, hornblende, pegmatite, and pryoxene that give each piece it's unique color and pattern. Granite may very well be the most interesting and usable piece of art in your home.

3. Stands the test of time:
Granite has literally been around for centuries. As early as the Ancient Egyptians, granite has been favored as a building material that lasts. Monuments, churches and palaces have been constructed from the natural rock and thousand of years later are still around and being admired for their beauty. Market research shows that the beauty, durability and value of granite make it a top choice that remains at the top of the market as other trends come and go.

4. Low Maintenance:
Granite is also a low maintenance material. After it is sealed it is resistant to stains, molds, and bacteria. It is easily cleaned with just soap and water. It's natural beauty and shine last a life time with proper easy care.

5. Style and Elegance:
Granite adds style and elegance to any room. Homes that have granite counter tops tend to sell for 10% more than those without. When choosing a home, the kitchen is a room of great importance since it is a gathering place for many and often times the center of the home. Kitchens with granite shine, there are not worries about what is placed on the counter since it resists stains and scratching, and the natural and unique beauty brings focus to the room.

With over 3000 colors, textures and patterns, there is a unique piece of granite for your own person style. A touch of art and personality added to your home that is eco-friendly and will last a life time with the added benefit of easy care and economically advantageous with no need to replace over the years.

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